It Feels Good to Be back.

After a break and a renewed focus, we're happy to be back publishing your favorite stories from the best Alaska lifestyle magazine. Read to learn more about what's to come that makes us excited.

Dear Readers,

Due to uncertainties related to the coronavirus and printing options, we are suspending print services indefinitely. But don’t worry, we will continue to bring you the Life and Beauty of Alaska.

At Last Frontier Magazine we are ramping up our online presence. We have been planning this part of our content sharing for some time, and are excited to provide all of our past issues to subscribers and a new website where you can find, read, watch, and even contribute to our Alaskan content creation community.

Our Core Commitments

  1. Sharing Alaska—Since our inception, LFM has been dedicated to documenting and sharing content that celebrates the life and beauty of Alaska. We will continue to fulfill our mission. In fact, we are preparing to bring even more content to the LFM community.
  2. Faster, Cleaner, Better—We are working hard to make LFM’s website a place that is easy to access and enjoy on any device, anywhere.
  3. Sharing Great Content—We all love video, and we have lots of contributors and partners who are looking to share their work from around the state. Check out LFM in the future for great visual narrative work
  4. A Better Shopping Experience—We love sharing what we do, and all kinds of support makes that happen. We are ramping up our online shopping options for those who love more than just the magazine!
  5. Past and Present—A Digital Library at your fingertips. We have years of great content from previous issues that we'll be digitizing for our readers.
  6. Exclusive Content, Merch, and Deals—We love our supporters and as part of our tribe, we will be creating a space that gets you the best deals and access to our magazine.

We hope the stories we share that impact us impact you too. If you want to help support our vision and the future of Last Frontier Magazine, feel free to send us a message or contribute financially using the button below. Thank you!